Hiring engineers just made easy

Blue Saturn is simplifying the hiring process through a fully-verifiable recruitment platform

Setting the Scene

The hiring process is broken.

Hiring teams often take too long to source, schedule, and interview talent. Bad hires can cost companies millions of dollars, and traditional recruitment methods are unable to keep up with the demand of today's technical market.

Main Features

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Fully-verified Resume

• Fully-verified resume powered by first-of-its kind SoulBound tokens
• Self-sovereign credentialing & profiles.
• Confirm identity once, not for every application.
• Interoperable resume wallet.

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Matching Engine

• Candidates only apply to qualified jobs, recruiters receive curated pipeline
• Applicant matching score generated for better assessment
Titan 2.0: LLM coder verifier, Recommender systems, and AI recruitment coordinator

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Automated Scheduling

• 2-way Calendly integration, seamless interview scheduling
• Accept, reject, message, schedule, interview all within minutes
• Save weeks of scheduling waste, skip directly to finals & roundtable sessions.